Monday, April 28, 2008

C ++ - Avoid video tutorials

Don't use videos to learn how to program. Unless there's a strong visual component to the programming (e.g. ActionScript, CSS) it will be a waste of your time. The best way to learn C++, or any other multi-purpose language, is with a good book and a good compiler side-by-side.

If you *really* want to learn C++, and already know some other multi-purpose language, then there is no book better than Koenig and Moo's "Accelerated C++". Period. They teach C++ the way it was meant to be programmed. Most books (Deitel included) teach from a bottom up perspective, which robs C++ of it object orientedness until you reach the later chapters. Additionally, they tend to be 300 page mammoths which you'll never ever finish, no matter how determined you are in the outset.

Accelerated C++ starts you out with the STL: you're face-to-face with OO from page one. They write in a very simplistic, casual, and informal way that is easy to understand and friendly. The book is short. You can really get through it. The whole thing. Cover to cover. And they teach C++ the way it was meant to be written. I can't praise the book highly enough. There is no other book like it.

Once you're done, you'll be ready to tackle the Scott Meyer books (who has a very similar friendly informal style of writing).

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