Monday, April 28, 2008

Bypassing Comcast Throttling

Hey, all bittorrent users! Want to download from comcast users? Have comcast and want to upload again like the good 'ol days? Want to show comcast that throttling doesn't work? This guide is for you!

The Story Behind This Fix

Sandvine, everybody's favourite "load balancer" works using a simple Man In The Middle attack to stop torrenting. Whenever the unit detects a network connection that fits the profile of bittorrent seeding traffic it injects a pair of forged TCP reset, or RST packets into the connection. When the uploader and the downloader receive the RST packets, they immediately terminate the connection without finishing the transfer. Sandvine targets both sides of the connection, so both sides have to implement the fix.

There is a way to stop this! While we all can agree that sandvine won't be going away anytime soon, we can speed it's demise by rendering it completely ineffective. All you have to do is block RSTs on your bittorrent port(s) and this tutorial tells you how.

Here are the instructions:

Direct links:


Can be found here:

Windows 2000 and XP

Instructions here:


Instructions here:


Linux Users: Beating Sandvine with Linux iptables

BSD/Solaris - coming soon ...........

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